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The next few months with Saturn moving into Capricorn in December, Mercury Retrograde in December, and Uranus moving into Taurus in 2018 – there will be changes for almost everybody coming!

I have a history of giving readings to celebrities – with sincere accuracy it even shocks me to be honest. I was able to tell when a man was having an affair at work, I was like this is his love line, this is his work line – oh you’re having an affair at work! And he shhh’ed me and told me to keep it down (this was at a party where I was the tarot reader)… Another instance I was able to see that a man had a terminal illness. Now this was tricky, did he know too? I started in slow with “You’ve been sick.” And he said “Yes.” I said “You’ve been sick for a while and well what you have could kill you.” And he replied “yes, yes.” then very specific information came in – I said “You’ve been to 9 doctors with an appointment for a 10th.” And he said “YES!” I was totally shocked at this point myself. And then even more specific information came in – “You need to go back to doctor 7 he has a medicine where he puts two items together – and that is your cure.” I had no way to know – was this accurate information? I mean I was just starting to read Tarot. But about six months later, I ran into his wife at the concert of a celebrity’s offspring I had come to attend, to support. Now I had given the reading to the Man, and he is the face I remembered, I did not remember his wife. But she came running over to me and hugged me and told me that her husband was recovering because of me. Needless to say, I was even more shocked at this point! Wow! I might be able to help people with this skill.

I have two ancestors – both named Sarah. Sarah Hostetler was my great grandmother and she practices “Brachau” and she was an Amish Witch Braha who cured people of diseases in Holmes County, Ohio in the early 1900’s. And I have another great great grandmother on the other side who practiced Appalachian Granny Magic. And the two of them guide me from the other side. They have helped me tap in. Before contacting them, I didn’t even fully understand the cards, but now there is something more. The two Sarahs as I call them, have helped me gain this skill that I think everybody possesses to a degree. Even Michael Jordan worked on his jump shot. The more you use the muscle the better the skill gets.

I tell you all of this just to know where I am coming from. To be honest it has been hard to put a price on the gift — I have been given some key moments to decide to share this with everyone, not just celebrities —

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