The Fence

an original screenplay



A young New York City graffiti writer — 24 year old Nick Scott — through an unforeseen incident, unwillingly finds himself forced into the role of an impostor. This new identity propels him to begin a dangerous journey embroiled in the elite New York art scene — where his limits will be tested and his character will be compromised.


Nick Scott, a 24-year-old, highly revered graffiti writer known on the streets of New York as Silver, spent his misguided youth constantly making the wrong choices. Orphaned at an early age, he’s formed an unlikely bond with three friends that’s become unbreakable.

A confrontation deep in the subway system with Nick’s friends escalates into an unfortunate tragic accident that leaves Devin Christopher, a reclusive renowned artist, dead.

With only one improbable way out, Nick unwillingly finds himself forced to assume the identity of the artist.

This new identity propels Nick to begin a dangerous journey embroiled in the New York art scene where the lure of money and power have led to corruption. Invited by Devin’s benefactor – Basil Hamilton – a magnetic English gentleman and admired patron of the arts – Nick takes up residence at an estate in a tony enclave of Long Island to complete a commissioned painting.

While staying at the estate, Nick meets and falls in love with Basil’s daughter, Jo Hamilton (23), a graceful, well-educated woman. Encumbered by his disguised identity, Nick’s web of deceit expands beyond control.

Parallel to the story which juxtaposes the dual worlds of graffiti and elite art, our main characters come to be revealed as having dual identities. When the mask comes off the most unlikely of characters, an unstoppable spiral of fraud, betrayal and murder spins out of control. Pushed to his limits, Nick is forced into a battle of wits to stay alive and embarks on a mission to right his wrongs.


We wanted to tell a textured story steeped in atmosphere with an underlying theme about the youth of America and the domino effect of one’s actions. We challenged ourselves to write a compelling and intriguing narrative that weds the tautness of a thriller with the depth and impact of a drama, infused with character-driven dilemmas. Our goal was to take the reader on an energetic, serpentine, cinematic journey.






best emerging narrative, semifinalist

September 2005



gordon parks award, finalist

September 2005



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